The Kloset Monkey Family celebrates an Annual Pre- Christmas Dinner at a Local Restaurant.  This year’s pick was The Tuscan Oven.  And Boy, oh Boy was it a good Choice.  Know for its awardwinning Wood Fire Oven Pizzas, we tried one, the Bianca with extra bacon.  They also turn any pizza choice into a Calzone, if preferred.  We tried Two of those, the Bianca with Chicken added and the Ricardo. Being a pasta fan, that I pass up on too much of the year (darn carbs), I splurged on the eggplant parmesan over pasta with a side of their “pizza crust” bread and an Italian Garden Salad with Blue Cheese.  The portions are Gi-normous!!  I don’t need to eat for a week – yeah, like that’s going to happen.  ;0)

If you’re in the local area of Pensacola Florida, give The Tuscan Oven a try.  They are currently rated #1 in Pensacola on TripAdvisor for Pizza and we now know why.  YUMMO.  Merry Christmas from the Kloset Monkey family to you and yours!

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