Happy Thirsty Thursday Y’all!

Happy Thirsty Thursday Y'all!

Irish Tiramisu Martini

Ingredients:(Makes 2 servings)
Espresso, 1/4 cup
Baileys Original Irish Cream, 4 ounce
Sweet mascarpone cheese, 1/3 cup
Vanilla, chocolate or coffee ice cream, about 2 scoops
Ice cubes, 2 to 4
2 soft ladyfinger cookies sliced lengthwise, for garnish
2 tablespoon Nutella or Chocolate spread, for garnish
Chocolate syrup, also for garnish
Combine the espresso, Irish Cream, ice cream, mascarpone, and ice and stir together
Blend the mixture for about 5 seconds.
Use a squeeze to put some chocolate syrup on the edge of the glasses
Place the glasses in the refrigerator for about 2-3 minutes to make the chocolate fixed.
Pour the mixture into the glasses.
Add some Nutella on the cookies and make a sandwich
Put the Tiramisu Martini in the middle, and sere with the cookies.


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