Try it out Tuesday!

Forcing tulips! Now you can have gorgeous blooms all year long.

Place your bulb into a “forcing” vase, “hyacinth glass” or a vase or jar that is tapered so that the neck is eventually a bit smaller in diameter than the bulb itself. Slightly force the bulb into the neck of the vase until it stuck. Do not force it any further as that could break the vase. This should happen closer to the top of the vase than the bottom.

Fill the vase with water. The bulb is oddly shaped and water will reach the bottom, albeit slowly. When finished, the bulb should not sit in the water; there should be about 1/8 of an inch separating the bulb from the water.
Store the bulb and water in a dark and cool area of the home. Some people even put the bulb in the refrigerator. Keep it there until the roots start to form and touch the water and shoot begins to sprout from the bulb. This could take up to 10 weeks. Be sure to keep the vase filled to the same spot during this process.

Take your vase out and place it in a sunny location. You have forced your bulb to grow and it will continue to grow until in full bloom. You may need to replace your water often due to algae and odor that may form.


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