Wanna Shop Kloset Monkey?

Our store is located online with 24 hour access.  Swing in Anytime!

You can now shop via Facebook if you see something on our page you like! Simply contact us and we’ll invoice you via PayPal!

Purchases can be made at any time and will ship within 24 hours!!

Be sure to stay up to date with our blog and/or facebook as we have new arrivals and fan exclusives daily!

We offer complimentary domestic shipping on most items, gift cards for special occasions, & free gifts and discounts daily.

To shop now, click the logo to your right to be automatically redirected to our store or go to


One thought on “Shop

  1. I purchased the American Age hoodie from you a couple of days ago… I thought it had blue and purple irredescant beading, but it was clear crystals. I would like it in the blue crystals on the black hoodie in M or L. Is that available? Is the one currently on the auction that color , or is that clear crystals too? I would like to keep the one I have, an order an additional black one with the blue crystals. How would I do that?

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